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  • Join any time! All you need to do is show up each week and keep the same team name.​
  • Top ​60 teams from ​across San Diego compete for $1,500 in cash prizes!

Join Sunset Trivia’s tournament competition for over $1500 in cash prizes! We have two seasons each year, Winter and Summer. Each tournament season culminates in our Semi-Finals and Finals Events, where the Top 60 teams from across San Diego compete against each other to crown San Diego’s top trivia team and award large cash prizes! During the tournament season, we add up the scores every week over an 18-week period. You can play at any Sunset Trivia venue in any given week. All you need to do is keep the same team name. If you play at different Sunset Trivia venues, help us out by telling your emcee that you are a tournament team and where you typically play. At the end of the 18 weeks, we take each team’s top 18 scores (best score from each week) and add them up to determine the Top 60 teams that are going to the Semi-Finals event!! Why play? Because, there is $1500 in cash prizes! Not to mention a number of additional prizes such a swag, gift cards, drinks, and more. And, you can win prizes each and every week you participate!

Our current Season 22 18-Week Tournament begins the Week of January 14, 2024, but feel free to join in at anytime!

SEMIFINALS: May 31, 2024 – 7pm

FINALS: June 7, 2024 – 7pm