“Think, Drink, and Win” Thousands of Dollars in Prizes Every Week!

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Sunset Trivia is the premier local trivia company in Southern California. We bring the highest level of entertainment and mental challenge to our players, who have developed into an incredible community of quiz goers. We strive to make an otherwise hum-drum week night into your favorite night of the week. Come visit one of our venues and check it out for yourself!

Fresh Content!

We work hard on our questions. Unlike most other trivia companies, all our questions are produced in-house. The advantage of our well-designed questions is that they are catered to our audience, never repeated, and often whimsical, topical, and more fun! Oh, and you can play every night and get fresh content!


How to Play

  1. Show up to one of our events.
  2. Grab a game sheet, pencil, and answer booklet.
  3. Think, Drink, Win!

Prohibited:  Cell phones & shouting out answers.

Come Play Tonight!

“Free to play and most of their venues give bar tab money to winning teams, so it’s like discounted drinking.”


“Sunset Trivia is amazing as it is a good way to meet new people and to have fun at a bar!”


“Brian and the other hosts are really personable and do a great job engaging the players.”


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