How to Play

It is easy!
  • Show up to one of our locations with your team.
  • Grab the materials from the emcee.
  • Find a comfortable spot. And, listen closely to the Emcee’s instructions.
  • ALL Sunset Trivia events are FREE and fun.
  • So, feel free to shop around until you find your perfect venue.

Sunset Trivia features a unique combination of topics encompassing music, television, sports, movies, pop culture, geography, literature, science, and much more. You might find yourself having to answer a question about how to make a Manhattan, Napoleon, and Taylor Swift in the same round! Each round is progressively harder than the last as the difficulty slowly increases over the course of the whole game. In each round, teams have the option to wager different point amounts and must make the decision when to wager high or low factoring in both the difficulty of the question and the upcoming topics. For example, if your team is full of movie experts, saving a larger wager for an upcoming movie question might be the right move! And, just to mix things up, we sometimes ask “toss-up” questions to give away shots, beer flights, t-shirts and more. We strive to create fun and balanced a content that will have you completely engaged for the entire game!

Here are some sample questions to give you an idea of what might appear in one of our games:
Q: Legend says Hi’iaka, sister of the goddess Pele, introduced what dance to Hawaii?
A: Hula

Q: Which singer is known as the Queen of Country Pop and has the best selling country record of all time, 1997’s Come on Over?
A: Shania Twain

Q: The total length of what Interstate is longer? I-5 or I-15?
A: I-5 is 1,381 miles (San Ysidro to Blaine, WA). I-15 is 1,433 miles (San Diego to Sweetgrass, MTAn example intermission

Q: Who is the only Kansas City Royals hall of famer to have played his entire career with the Royals?
A: George Brett

Q: The Grampians, a part of what continent’s Great Dividing Range, is also known by its native name, Gariwerd?
A: Australia

Q:Giacomo Casanova, whose last name is now synonymous with womanizer, was a famous author and adventurer from what Republic in 1700s?
A: Venice

Q: Director Wes Anderson’s The Fantastic Mr. Fox is the only animated movie he has made, based on a novel by what (children’s) author?
A: Roald Dahl

Q: What brewery, which opened in 1989 and was the first new brewery to open in San Diego in more than 50 years, is credited with starting San Diego’s craft beer industry and is actually the oldest still-operating brewery in San Diego today?
A: Karl Strauss

Q: Eight of the 10 Stanley cups won in the 1980s were won by two teams. Please name them.
A: Edmonton Oilers and New York Islanders

Q: According to the Princeton Review, what are the top 10 most common college majors nationwide?
A:  Business Admin/Mgmt, Psychology, Nursing, Biology, Education, English, Economics, Communications, Political Science, Computer Science

You Want to Play?

It is Free!

Call some friends and head to the nearest event.
Thousands of dollars in prizes given out each week.